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Friday, October 08, 2010

thanks GOD,showing me,who he is

hey, can you remember?!
when i told my experience in the past
when we ate together
when we laughed together
i told you, who i am
that i wished you can understanding me
and be helper when i'm in the darkest
be my best friend for a long time
but cause something that unimportant
you like someone who want killed me
should, you know who am i
should, you protecting me
should, you didn't like that
you are wrong,friend
don't judged someone just on one time
all the goodness is lost cause one misunderstanding
hey,from this, i can see who you are
so childish and labile. disappointed of you
but that's you, the real you
all is lost now,like we never know
yeaah, thanks GOD, i'm happy now
you show me the way,this way :)


"Anggap sesuatu itu sesederhana sebuah senyuman :}D